Cajuns of Louisiana

Acadians, or “Cadiens” as they say, have been resisting for almost three centuries to maintain the French language and their rich cultural heritage in Acadia in Canada, and in this beautiful region of Louisiana called ACADIANA, where their name: CADIEN, is pronounced and written, in English: “Cajun”.

You will discover their traditions, their culture, their hospitality…

You will discover the fauna and flora (Alligators, Pelicans, Plantation, Magnolia, Bayous, Cypress)

the gastronomy (Gumbo, Jambalaya, Crayfish, Spicy Sauces) typical of this country.

Not to mention traditional music….

(Jazz New-Orleans, cajun music, zydéco, etc…)

Their motto:

“Let the good times roll! … …”

Our mission is to encourage them, to support them in their actions so that future generations will be proud, as their ancestors were, to speak French.

We would like them to be able, at last, to be an official part of the world “Francophone Space”.

Come and join us in this great, wonderful and enriching adventure that we share with our “Cajun cousins”, faithful to their French roots over the centuries and originating for many from the great southwest of France.